How it Began

On November 22, 1970, thirty people met at the West Hampden fire station to form a snowmobile club for the protection of landowners rights and the preservation of the sport. After a small amount of discussion the name GOODWILL RIDERS was chosen as the formal name of the club. The first year the club was in existence was the winter of 1970-71. In the fall of 1971, the club began to hold its meetings at the Kiwanis Civic Center. It was decided that the club should become incorporated and in January 1972 did so. In January 1973 a building committee was formulated to look into the aspects of building a snowmobile clubhouse. In June 1973 an agreement was made with the town to build a 32x40 ft. building and in November 1973 the first meeting was held in the new clubhouse with 39 people in attendance.

Where it is Now

The sport of snowmobiling has come along way since 1970 but one thing that hasn't changed is the enjoyment had by all participating in the sport. Another thing that hasn't changed is the respect for all landowners who so graciously allow us to use their land to recreate on.

Our club is still very active and has community Bean suppers 8 months out of the year. We also open our clubhouse up to people who want to hold a personal function at a very affordable price.


Where We Are Going

Our membership continues to grow and we continue to build bridges and maintain trails for all people to enjoy. We will continue to advocate for Landowner rights in our sport and educate the young and old in the safe operation of snowmobiles on the trails. In the future we know from history that the snowmobiles of the future will be much different than the ones of today.